Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a bite of watermelon can do

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Summer is coming to us. You can feel it in the sunbeams, hear it outside, see it by my Chacos, and taste it in the watermelon. You also know it's summer when you have to shave your legs every day.

A few minutes ago, someone let me take a bite of watermelon. The juiciness spirred a whirlwind of summer recollections in my being and inspired this blog. Watermelon, to me, represents everything summer. I have a photo of me and my mom sitting at the kitchen table, my shirt was off (2 years old) and I was sitting on her lap. We had a half of a watermelon in front of us. Those were my summers- my mom and I always indulging in big portions of watermelon.

There is something in me that struggles with summers because I want to it to be the way it was when I was young. Are you like that? You wish summers were still neighborhood hide-go-seeks, barbeques, and bike rides. You wish you still heard your mom call you in for dinner. You wish you didn't have to make money except by a lemonade stand on the street corner. You wish it really meant a mental noble internships or trips, just summers by the pool. Please slab some spf 50 sunscreen on me, because I want that summer.

So my emotions are mixed as I await summer. It's the first summer I won't move back home. Summer in Liberty is a new experience for me. I am just hoping I will be able to transfer out of school mode easily. I need that.

I need to run on the grass without my shoes on. I need to walk on the pavement and get black stains on my feet. I need to not set my alarm for the morning. I need to experience the yearly lack of air condition in my car. I need to get a sunburn to awaken my freckles from hibernation. I need to chew on sunflower seeds and experience the bipolar contrast between the hot outside and cold air-conditioned house. I need to go to the zoo and smell animal poop. Summer, are you here yet? If so, let it be like that.

Meanwhile, I have a few things to do. A few papers to write. A few things to wrap up.

Hey, you should go eat some watermelon.

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meg said...

Let's eat watermelon together this summer!!!!! PICNICS.