Monday, May 25, 2009

5 minute post

Currently listening to: rain
Currently wearing: Chaco's
Currently thinking about: Colorado

So I figured it out. I am not happy being here right now. That's it! It's like this cycle of emotions I have been in, trying to figure out why I am just not satisfied with my summer plans, with being here in Liberty. I would rather be in Colorado. I would rather be in Mexico. I would rather be doing something meaningful and productive. I don't want be working and doing summer school. I want an adventure, but somehow that part didn't work out for me. It's disappointing, really. I have wonderful friends doing wonderful things this summer.....Haiti. Amsterdam. Africa (3). I have friends in Colorado at camp, loving God and people and having campfires. Ah I miss it.

So that is my 5 minute post. Liz needs to change her attitude. Things have to look up.

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The Cathey's said...

We wish you were in Colorado too! But, we know God has great plans for you sweet Liz wherever you are!!