Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slowing down

Current mood: sentimental
Current food fad: apples
Currently listening to: George Winston, piano

I am slowin down, you all (Missouri version of ya'all). Cramming, being a disciplined studier, caring about school, is becoming harder to do. As I sit here, I am aware of my apathy towards anything school related. My emotions have been surpressed, my relationships pushed aside, and my thoughtfulness strained for too long. I just need time to feel all the things I am feeling. I need time to think of the thoughts I need think about. And when I do that, I find that there is a lot of emotion going on inside of me with change. Someone give me a minute to just sit here.

I saw a good friend today. I haven't seen her in a long while. And Molly, it refreshed my heart. I really missed you. And I am glad you are back before your next adventure. I love you.

Oh dearest reader, I don't have anything witty for you right now. To be honest, I just wanted to write to get a little bit of piece of mind before I face my nasty school endeavor that awaits me on the other side: Microsoft Word. Outside the clouds look like they are about to release some do my eyes.

Let it be.


meg said...

thanks for being part of my study break :)

meg said...

13 dias.