Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mind wonderings of a sleep deprived redhead

Currently suffering from: "can't sleep tonight syndrome"
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Currently reading: The Pursuit of Holiness

Here's to another night confirming my abnormal sleeping patterns in the recent weeks. It's like Starbucks stuck a needle in my arm and injected the darkest of espresso, depriving me of every sleeping pattern I ever had. I went to bed 2 hours ago. It's only time until I get frustrated to lay there and twirl my hair, or try out new sleeping formations. Despite the instructions from health experts to not eat late at night, I get up to pick up my few month old cereal. As I stuff the dry cereal in my face, I realize it's sticking together, unaturally. I should throw it away. But I tend to hold onto food a little longer these days, says my rotted spinach and green cheese in the fridge. Fixing food for one person is just a task. I find I eat things I would never normally eat. I guess you could say my standards have been lowered dramatically. You end up compromising because heck, you can deal with just eating ___insert gross food here____. And even though you don't like ____fill in food you don't like here___, it's so much cheaper than ____food you like here___. Ah, the college life.

Do you notice how people eat popcorn (I was reminded of this by the way I was eating my cereal). They treat it like a freakin race. And when people are watching a movie they don't even bother looking down to the popcorn bag. No....Keep eyes on movie. Lower hand-claw. Catch the prey. Lift. Insert into mouth. Repeat excessively.

Did anyone even like those huge swirl lookin lollipops that were the size of your head when you were a child? They had rainbow colors going around in a swirl. I always wanted them because they looked so cool, but they really just tasted like sugar poop. Disappointment. Oh and rock candy! But I liked that. Or those giant jawbreakers. They still sell all that weird candy at the bottom of the shelves by the check-out lines. Like the sugary goo, baby bottle lookin suckers, gum shaped in a cell phone, etc. I think the liquidy stuff is what really bothers me. Just buy yourself a Snickers bar.

Do you ever have grammar or spelling rules that have stuck in your brain for so many years because a certain teacher stressed it all the time or someone always corrected you? Here is mine: "A lot" is two words, thank you Mrs. Castle in fifth grade. She told us that maybe 1000 times. I will never do it again.

Story of the day:

The other day while I was at the library I found myself staring at this lady. She was right in front of me and probably noticed I was staring because friends tell me I have a problem staring. But she was wearing the shirt I wore in the fifth grade school-wide spelling bee. Infact, I wondered if mom gave it away to the thrift store and this lady found it and bought it. For a second, I thought my life had come full circle and I was about to die. But there it was, my yellow and black striped polo. Exact. Same. Shirt. I mispelled the word "galactic" at that spelling bee. I ran to my mom and cried when I lost. Maybe it was because I wore a bumble bee shirt to the spelling bee.

There ya go.

Goodnight, blog friend.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here's an update.

Currently eating: watermelon and cantelope
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Currently wondering about: the dang future

Hello dear friends. It's been awhile and I thought you deserved an update.

I finished the second book in the Twilight series yesterday. I don't know if I've ever read a book so fast, let alone that long and FICTION. This is phenomenal. I don't read fiction, especially the ones with over 500 pages in them. Movin on to the 3rd one.

I am beginning my 3rd week at Starbucks tomorrow. I am enjoying learning about espresso, cappachino foam, and how addicted America is to coffee. No wonder we are in an economic crisis and fat.....we go to Starbucks every day and drinks Ventis. Check the checkbook and calories before you buy, people.

Next week is the last week of 2 of my summer school classes. Then I begin another. Truckin along.

I visited my grandpa's house this weekend with my fam. The drive home was one of those where you stare seriously out the window, gazing as the trees whiz by, in deep thought about your future. It's a mystery to me. I have never felt so absolutely clueless about my future. And if someone were to ask what I really want to do, I would honesty say, "I don't know." So that's that.

My story for the day:

I was loading my stuff into the car at grandpa's house when two neighbor kids of his came over looking for "Mr.Brown," aka they wanted a popcicle. But first the girl had to ask me,

"Are you going to have a baby?"
And she felt the need to clarify, "Well, you look like you are going to have a baby."
"Oh..." I replied. "
"Have you had a baby before?"
"No I haven't infact."
And after this intimate conversation, she finally asked me, "Who are you?"
"Mr. Brown's granddaughter."
End of conversation. I don't think I'm going to wear that shirt again.

Thank you little girl for helping me feel positive about myself. Since then, I have been glancing at my reflection in every store window and frowning.

Well I have to go. I am going to work out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What crayon color are you?

Along with Facebook taking over cyberspace, it has allowed normal human beings like you and me to take quizzes to find out things like....

What wild animal would you be?
How gay are you?
Are you a true Missourian?
What Disney princess are you?
What social stereotype are you?
What real age are you?
What is the first letter of your future husband?
What is the date of your wedding?
What kind of kisser are you?

Thank you Facebook, for telling me my real age, I almost forgot. And I didn't know I was 49% gay, thanks, now I am actually questioning my sexuality. And sorry friends, I don't want to know what Twilight character you would be or what celebrity would play you in a movie. And don't go filling them all out at once, you're taking up my whole news feed.

I have resisted taking these quizzes (Confession: I actually took the Disney princess one a long time age, that was before I knew what they would become.) And the problem with being curious about what your results would be is that once you take it, it's not like this private satisfaction in knowing, it freakin pops up on everybody's news feeds. Even if I had an inkling of interest to do one, I would be afraid a bunch of pop-ups and XXX's will crash my computer. I choose to remain a quiz virgin for my own dignity's sake.

But just so you know, if I were a crayon color, I would be orange.

::EDIT (Several hours later)::

Some more that just popped up on my feed:

What ethnicity are you, REALLY?
What do people think of YOU at first sight?
How dateable are you?
What mental disorder are you?
How tall are you going to be?

Oh dear....