Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here's an update.

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Currently wondering about: the dang future

Hello dear friends. It's been awhile and I thought you deserved an update.

I finished the second book in the Twilight series yesterday. I don't know if I've ever read a book so fast, let alone that long and FICTION. This is phenomenal. I don't read fiction, especially the ones with over 500 pages in them. Movin on to the 3rd one.

I am beginning my 3rd week at Starbucks tomorrow. I am enjoying learning about espresso, cappachino foam, and how addicted America is to coffee. No wonder we are in an economic crisis and fat.....we go to Starbucks every day and drinks Ventis. Check the checkbook and calories before you buy, people.

Next week is the last week of 2 of my summer school classes. Then I begin another. Truckin along.

I visited my grandpa's house this weekend with my fam. The drive home was one of those where you stare seriously out the window, gazing as the trees whiz by, in deep thought about your future. It's a mystery to me. I have never felt so absolutely clueless about my future. And if someone were to ask what I really want to do, I would honesty say, "I don't know." So that's that.

My story for the day:

I was loading my stuff into the car at grandpa's house when two neighbor kids of his came over looking for "Mr.Brown," aka they wanted a popcicle. But first the girl had to ask me,

"Are you going to have a baby?"
And she felt the need to clarify, "Well, you look like you are going to have a baby."
"Oh..." I replied. "
"Have you had a baby before?"
"No I haven't infact."
And after this intimate conversation, she finally asked me, "Who are you?"
"Mr. Brown's granddaughter."
End of conversation. I don't think I'm going to wear that shirt again.

Thank you little girl for helping me feel positive about myself. Since then, I have been glancing at my reflection in every store window and frowning.

Well I have to go. I am going to work out.

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Anonymous said...

My first real Chamber event, someone came up to me and asked when i was "due." I was wearing a dress that had an empire waste, but I had a sweater on over it, so I couldn't have possibly looked pregnant.

"No, I'm not pregnant," I said.

"Oh....," the lady said. "How long has you worked at the Chamber?" She was so embarrassed she just changed the subject and eventually walked away from me.

I had a hard time wearing that dress again. But I have. Maybe I'll wear it to our event tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to stop looking in the mirror and embrace who you are. And yes, it's harder than it sounds, but you gotta start somewhere. You know?