Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mind wonderings of a sleep deprived redhead

Currently suffering from: "can't sleep tonight syndrome"
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Here's to another night confirming my abnormal sleeping patterns in the recent weeks. It's like Starbucks stuck a needle in my arm and injected the darkest of espresso, depriving me of every sleeping pattern I ever had. I went to bed 2 hours ago. It's only time until I get frustrated to lay there and twirl my hair, or try out new sleeping formations. Despite the instructions from health experts to not eat late at night, I get up to pick up my few month old cereal. As I stuff the dry cereal in my face, I realize it's sticking together, unaturally. I should throw it away. But I tend to hold onto food a little longer these days, says my rotted spinach and green cheese in the fridge. Fixing food for one person is just a task. I find I eat things I would never normally eat. I guess you could say my standards have been lowered dramatically. You end up compromising because heck, you can deal with just eating ___insert gross food here____. And even though you don't like ____fill in food you don't like here___, it's so much cheaper than ____food you like here___. Ah, the college life.

Do you notice how people eat popcorn (I was reminded of this by the way I was eating my cereal). They treat it like a freakin race. And when people are watching a movie they don't even bother looking down to the popcorn bag. No....Keep eyes on movie. Lower hand-claw. Catch the prey. Lift. Insert into mouth. Repeat excessively.

Did anyone even like those huge swirl lookin lollipops that were the size of your head when you were a child? They had rainbow colors going around in a swirl. I always wanted them because they looked so cool, but they really just tasted like sugar poop. Disappointment. Oh and rock candy! But I liked that. Or those giant jawbreakers. They still sell all that weird candy at the bottom of the shelves by the check-out lines. Like the sugary goo, baby bottle lookin suckers, gum shaped in a cell phone, etc. I think the liquidy stuff is what really bothers me. Just buy yourself a Snickers bar.

Do you ever have grammar or spelling rules that have stuck in your brain for so many years because a certain teacher stressed it all the time or someone always corrected you? Here is mine: "A lot" is two words, thank you Mrs. Castle in fifth grade. She told us that maybe 1000 times. I will never do it again.

Story of the day:

The other day while I was at the library I found myself staring at this lady. She was right in front of me and probably noticed I was staring because friends tell me I have a problem staring. But she was wearing the shirt I wore in the fifth grade school-wide spelling bee. Infact, I wondered if mom gave it away to the thrift store and this lady found it and bought it. For a second, I thought my life had come full circle and I was about to die. But there it was, my yellow and black striped polo. Exact. Same. Shirt. I mispelled the word "galactic" at that spelling bee. I ran to my mom and cried when I lost. Maybe it was because I wore a bumble bee shirt to the spelling bee.

There ya go.

Goodnight, blog friend.

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