Thursday, June 4, 2009

What crayon color are you?

Along with Facebook taking over cyberspace, it has allowed normal human beings like you and me to take quizzes to find out things like....

What wild animal would you be?
How gay are you?
Are you a true Missourian?
What Disney princess are you?
What social stereotype are you?
What real age are you?
What is the first letter of your future husband?
What is the date of your wedding?
What kind of kisser are you?

Thank you Facebook, for telling me my real age, I almost forgot. And I didn't know I was 49% gay, thanks, now I am actually questioning my sexuality. And sorry friends, I don't want to know what Twilight character you would be or what celebrity would play you in a movie. And don't go filling them all out at once, you're taking up my whole news feed.

I have resisted taking these quizzes (Confession: I actually took the Disney princess one a long time age, that was before I knew what they would become.) And the problem with being curious about what your results would be is that once you take it, it's not like this private satisfaction in knowing, it freakin pops up on everybody's news feeds. Even if I had an inkling of interest to do one, I would be afraid a bunch of pop-ups and XXX's will crash my computer. I choose to remain a quiz virgin for my own dignity's sake.

But just so you know, if I were a crayon color, I would be orange.

::EDIT (Several hours later)::

Some more that just popped up on my feed:

What ethnicity are you, REALLY?
What do people think of YOU at first sight?
How dateable are you?
What mental disorder are you?
How tall are you going to be?

Oh dear....

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