Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gearing up

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It's officially summer here on the hill. I am settled into a new building and new room. Adjusting is always a difficult task. Shifting into summer mode has been also interesting. But nonetheless, I am hopeful about things. Plans seem unpredictable, but hopeful.

I will be starting summer school and Starbucks barista-ing in about a week. I also plan to spend some quality time at my new church home, Redeemer Fellowship, and read, lay out in the sun, and run as a hobby. God willing that is. I am still fascinated with people and obsessed with loving them. This love might be finally awakening after some time of selfishness. The more I fix these eyeballs upon Jesus, the more I love hurting people.

An important part of this summer for me needs to be investing in my soul...something that tends to get ignored and pushed aside here. I need to listen to my heart, listen for God, and let myself be refreshed. If this is selfish, let it be. If I keep going on ignoring the fact that I need a savior and something else to hope in, I will be nothing. I have been an engine trying to run on no gasoline. I haven't been getting very far. And I don't want to fall into complacency....talking about all these dreams of mine and the life I want to live, but never stepping closer. That's a pet peeve of mine I have developed over the past several months. I want to be a doer.

Proof that summer has begun and my life is slowing down is that I am yearning to do the things I fingers need to touch a piano key asap or I am going to go bazerko. I need to have some quality conversations. And I need to worship. The real me is starting to rise up. Thank you William Jewell College for allowing this much needed break. I won't let you down.

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