Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloated on bread and life

Currently listening to: weird instrumental ballads
Currently looking at: Sarah Kathryn Parsons
Current phrase in my head: "Come ON finals, just get over."

I am sitting in the corner of Panera, looking at a blank screen on my computer and a pickle left over from downed sandwich, hence the whole 'bloated on bread and life' title. This has to be longest dragged out week of my college career. I mean, Come ONNNNN. My life is on hold until my presentation is over at 4:00. THEN I can clean my room, work out, shop for clothes, buy summer school books, and read the Twilight series books.

Oh summer, where art thou? Thou hast not shun on my faceth. Art thou in thy future? Or art thou not?

There is something just wrong about waitresses and department store clerks who have the nerve to call older women "babe" or "honey." If you are older and you want to call me honey, so be it. But call my mom honey? She's 20 years older than you, that makes that I N A P P R O P R I A T E. Social skills, people.

My friend Sarah is leaving for Haiti on Monday. I am extremely happy and proud of her. She is a fine gal. A great friend. And my pookie. I love you dear, I will miss you.

Beyonce lives.

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