Friday, September 4, 2009

A cozy post

Currently drinking: Pumpkin Spice Frappachino via Starbucks
Currently listening to: Cold Water by Damien Rice
Currently sporting: boot slippers

Coffee tends to stimulate my blogness. To complement that, it's a rainy Friday afternoon.

I visited Starbucks today and was very much reminded of how much I enjoy that place. New pumpkin spice treats and drinks, and dandy brown colored mugs. You should go. I left with coffee in my hand and the aroma drenching into my pores. YES.

I miss helping people figure out what kind of coffee to get and making their drink in less than 50 seconds. I miss the coffee lingo and the psycho morning rush. It's because I think everyone wants to be good at something. Not just career-ish stuff, but a connoisseur (props to of something trendy like coffee, beer, or wine. It's fun to be an expert. Like a chef, knowing all the flavors and spices, you can put together a treat for someone, leaving their mouths wide open because they have no idea how you do it. Liz, ah....the aspiring Coffee Master.

Meanwhile, reality has ordered me to order myself. I did three loads of laundry today and have a date with my planner. I have a pile of nasty dishes waiting to be washed, no surprise there. I am really excited about getting myself together and catching up on much needed conversations.

It's the fall season. Everything brown, pumpkin, apple, and spice. Fallen leaves and bonfires. Football games in hoodies. Let's skip the cliche statement about how time flies by and we don't know where it went and freak out about how it's September and my birthday of 22 years, Thanksgiving, graduation, Christmas, and God-willing, Peru, are coming up in the next 4 months, in that exact order. Brace yourself. Emotional blogs could be a serious side effect.

I am speaking Spanish again. My heart is warmed by it. Thanks to those who understand this and who have grace with me while I am in this place in my life.

So grab a mug of something, pull up a chair, and search for words with me.


meg said...

mi amiga.... ahh ¿sabes que yo quiero verte? asi mucho!!! YO estoy tan feliz que le gusta el otoño porque es mi favorito. te quiero mía amiga... quiero que nosvemos muy pronto, sí?

Brian R. Gehrlein said...

Yeah I can't speak spanish but I can post in good ol' fashioned English. Loved your post. You and I really are similar. Its freakin scary actually. I LOVE being the Coffee Master too. In fact you should come over to my Apt. we have a french press (AMAZING!) Esspresso machine, regular drip machine a grinder and literally bags and bags of free Starbucks coffee (via Damen) yeah I know he is my java connection... it works. So yeah I am going to read all your blogs cause I know you are a fan of mine and I feel bad that I let things be onesided for a time. Certainly not cool. At any rate keep writing and keep the faith. Be praying for you that your plans succeed in the next months and years to come. We're seniors....what the hell...

Love you!

pianojess21 said...

What?! When did we change seasons! Ahhh I am so behind!

Anonymous said...

I love you and wish I was drinking coffee right next to you.