Sunday, April 26, 2009

North, South, don't catch the swine flu.

Currently enjoying: the Twilight soundtrack. Judging is bad, stop it.
Currently suffering from: a stomach ache. Either swine flu or the ice cream creation I made for dinner.
Currently wanting to be: not at school

So the swine flu has contaminated Mexico and parts of the U.S. Dang pigs. Drug wars have also made it unsafe to cross the border. Yes. Thank you for messing up my plans everyone. No need to let Liz figure her life out....throw those curveballs. I am kind of used to them by now. The majority of my day today was spent figuring out Plan B, C, and D, with the high chances that I will not travel to Mexico this summer like planned. It's annoying yet exhilarating to think of the countless possibilities. And you know, I might just be at peace with not going. Perhaps God has other plans. To be continued.

Getting lost= something that is becoming less and less frequent because of the recent technological creation of the GPS. But for simple girls like me, we brave the world of highways and biways with our inklings and hunches. We don't ask questions. We drive. And yes, we will figure it out....until we realize we have been driving an hour in the wrong direction. Suddenly the car becomes full of "Are you kidding me's" and curse words intertwined. One swears that he or she followed the directions perfectly, putting the blame on MapQuest, or fully admits the hunch at the very beginning: "Oh, I KNEW we were going the wrong way. I could just feel it." Give it another 30 minutes in the middle of the night, I mean morning, and you get delirious laughter. Road signs begin jumping out like clowns with big red noses. Headlights always look like they are coming at you, making you question whether you are in the wrong lane. And then there are those people that try to make you feel better about yourself: "Oh...well getting lost is sometimes the best way that we learn. It's ok, it happens to everybody." No it doesn't. People that fork out the cash to buy those computer things that tell you to turn right at the corner don't get lost. It's people like me, redheads who claim to know the difference between North and South, that get lost in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning to my parents on the computer, shopping for GPS's for their directionally-challenged daughter. Thanks?

Complaints: My brains hurts. My stomach hurts. My head hurts. The wind is loud. My hair is pulled back too tight. I don't want to be at school anymore. I locked my door so no one would think I was here. People drive me nuts.

Ever wish you could quit relationships? I am left with a lyric in mind:

"I wish you were a stranger; I could disengage....just say that we agree and then never change."

Thanks Fray.


Dearest one said...

Amen Sister!

meg said...

Oh my gosh, i wish i could write like you. Your posts intrigue me. . . does that freak you out?