Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weather and some social observances

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It's hot out today. I walked out in jeans only to turn back around, after walking 5 feet and sweating, to change to a free-flowing skirt that would grant me some air to stay cool. I don't trust warm weather in Missouri. It's the feeling of knowing that there's a surprise around the corner. Today it's 80 degrees, tomorrow it will snow. It's like the boy who cried wolf. Do you really think we're going to believe this trick, Missouri weather? I don't think so. Tomorrow I am wearing my winter coat.

Being in a college world where E-mail is one's only key to survival, I have seen my fair share of E-mails. And hey, I have even written a few. My observation is that E-mails reflect one's personality and/or major. I have a friend that puts the word "yo" either in the subject line or at the end of every sentence. I have wondered why this is. This friend is majorly laid back; "chill" some would say. Is it that people add "yo" to the end of their sentences in order to make it more friendly, less formal, more buddyish? Other people I know tend to put everything they are thinking at the time in a paragraph, making you try to code through all the words to find the one sentence that purposed the E-mail in the first place. It's like a game. Others ignore every lesson every learned aboutgrammar and punctuation and type the text, nothing else. Like capitalizing the first letter of the sentence is conforming to society or something. Now as a communication major, I have my preferences, but if everyone had the same E-mail writing, what would be the fun in that, right? This paragraph would be non-existent.

My philosophy on "being bored..." Oh my goodness, there is nothing worse than being a stressed-out, hairless, sleep deprived college student and hearing your friends at home talk about "being bored." Really? Really? If you are out of high school and bored, you need to check up on the whole "purpose" thing in life. Working at Wendy's doesn't count. Besides the whole doing something with your life thing, being bored is a state of mind. Along with the statement above, there is nothing worse than being with someone when they tell you that they are bored. What are you supposed to say to that? "Great, I am having fun with you too." I think being bored is what boring people say.

Alright, there are my thoughts for the day. I am going to go stare and analyze the human race some more.

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meg said...

you amuse me.
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