Friday, October 31, 2008

Some candy and a tummy-ache

Happy Halloween. My night was spent sitting in the lobby of my dorm watching freshman girls walk out in rather risk-ay costumes. I ate a lot of candy. Did my laundry. Studied. Made sure rukus didn't break out among the youngsters. Happy Halloween.

Things I have pondered lately:

I was very disappointed in my Runts today. They now include pineapple and some mango-type flavor. I do not enjoy either. Darn waste of calories. But I enjoy Kit-Kats, so it's alright.

I have the craziest sense of smell. I am telling you. I have the tendency to guess the brand and flavor of gum being chewed in one's mouth. I am what we call "smell sensitive." If you come near me, I might identify you with a smell. It's become a habit.

What in the world is the deal with Halloween? Is there a rule saying you have to dress like a hoe? Because everyone follows that rule.

I am confident that I have not met the man of my dreams yet. I am just disappointed in my interaction with guys lately. I have not been impressed whatsoever. I need someone that gets me.

I applied this week for a public speaking job, aka a dream job of mine. I can't explain the feeling I had turning that baby in. Accomplishment is the closest I can get. Not too profound, but just applying encourages me that I am still alive and trying at this thing called life. And hey, maybe I will live out a few dreams of mine. I wouldn't mind that at all.

William Jewell announced this week their plan to raise tuition prices 6.4% to $31,000. Awesome. Thanks William Jewell, I needed that. Really. That makes me want to go here even more. So my parents and I have been storming up a plan for me to graduate a semester early. Is it possible? There is a chance it is. Must wait and see. But if I do, I have a lot of mental preparation to do.

It's 12:13 a.m. Happy November.

Let's eat turkey.

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