Saturday, October 18, 2008


Currently on: Fall Break
Currently reading: Sex God by Rob Bell
Current fad: reading the paper
Current feeling: release
Currently developing: an interest in politics
Currently looking forward to: getting married and having kids

Hello Fall Break. I am enjoying the comfort of my bed in a very middle-school decorated room that I once occupied on a regular basis. The creaks in the floor, the sound of my parents walking down the hall, the smell of mom's food is.....pleasantly familiar.

Blue Springs is not much anymore. I drove around town last night looking for something to do. Guaranteed I always end up at Starbucks drinking coffee and reading/writing. BS is the place of my past......many memories. Although there are some nice developments happening...more strip malls. For strip malls, BS is the place to be.

Today was the perfect Fall day. A perfect Fall day is very rare considering good Fall weather only lasts for a very short time. I wore very fall colors today. Along with my brown glasses and red hair, I blended into the leaves. Call me Autumn. I just said "very" 3 times.

I love Spanish right now. I love loving my major and what I am learning. It's about time I get excited about my education. Now let's move to Mexico.

Lately I have realized about myself:
I am smell-sensitive
I don't enjoy pig meat
I like to control situations...not saying this is good
I love learning
I love the pumpkin Candy Corns
The first thing I notice about my girls friends is a change in their hair and/or weight

Go jump in some leaves.

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