Monday, October 13, 2008

Coming Back

Currently listening to: John Mayer "Say"
Currently eating: granola
Currently: raining outside
Looking forward to: fall break

I feel majorly blessed by the love and forgiveness that God has given me and shown me through his people. I don't know why people don't just smack me over the head.

I had some much needed conversations this weekend.....reaffirming, redirecting, and reconnecting my relationships. The people in my life are understanding and merciful despite my inconsistent self. I am thankful.

I went to a beautiful and meaningful wedding on Saturday. I had wonderful company and witnessed a God-centered and blessed union of two special people in my life. It renewed hope for my future.

I just made a big batch of granola and's fabulous.

It's rainy evening which calls for my sweatpants and hoodie. Yey for fall.

I began to look at classes today for next semester and I am struggling with the reality that there are three more semesters left of my college career. Wow ok. I just got here yesterday.

May I end with the fact that I am listening AND enjoying a song right now about "Bleeding Love."

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