Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer endings

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Current realization: This summer I am white.

I don't know what else to do with myself at the moment, so of course, blog!

Summer is rapidly coming to an end. I have two more days left and then I am heading back to the hill where my life begins again. I have had what seems to be a break from reality; 3 months of recooperating. I am dying to be social again. I am ready to get back to being myself. Just thinking about life back at Jewell and picking up objects and placing them into my suitcase brings such a relief to my soul. Seriously, you have no idea. Everyone has their college experiences--some love it and some don't. I am in love with this time in my life. Infact, I don't want to graduate.

Today I played in the street. My feet have a strip of black lingering on the calloused bottom. My feet have gotten out of control this summer. I am afraid to take them to a pedicure place. Surely there are boundaries to foot funk that can be tolerated or something. I will be left sitting and wondering why the asian lady ran out of the building screaming for life.

I played piano with mom today. She dusted off her flute. She hasn't touched that flute in the longest time. And I haven't been the best about spending my time expressing on the piano. So it was good for the both of us. It's something I capture in my mind so I will always remember. We used to play together when I lived on that piano bench. Refreshing.

Today's activities also included a much needed trip to Wal-Mart where my debit card got cleaned up a little bit. I realized there were a lot of things needed for my life at school.....a lot of cooking/cleaning stuff....stuff that I don't really know anything about. And I was without my mom, so I made executive decisions on things like sauce pans, perring knives, and strainers: the cheapest wins. Still, add the cheapest of everything, you still get a hefty Wal-Mart spending headache afterwards. Yet...accomplishment. Liz feels like an adult.

And it's scary.

I also watched my niece trace cursive on her homework worksheet. Today was her first day of school. I remember that feeling......new clothes, the sound of the school bus brakes, the return of an early bedtime, and cookies and milk when I got home on the first day.

It makes me want to go put on my backpack.

Do you realize there are the people that are always too cool for backpacks that actually go on your back? What is up with the side strap students?

Too cool for school is what I think.

I have this hidden fear of my laptop crashing and losing my life, I mean, all my pictures, music, and school work. So I (I mean my dad) got a 8 gb flash drive to save it all on. Whew, I feel better.

Now listening to: Waterdeep

Alright bloggers, goodnight. Adventures await us.

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molly caitlin said...

Oh Liz, let's cook gluten free food together. My gallbladder is still not fixed. Damn the health care system, that's what I say. But the good thing is that I will see you this weekend. Whoa mama, that's going to be so great. I don't know if I can handle it. All the cool girls should go out to dinner on Sunday. You down? I love you.