Thursday, September 4, 2008


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Liz, welcome back to college! These are the things you will encounter:

Lack of sleep
An obsession of sleep when you have the time to do so
Too much reading
Pressure to figure out your life
Professors that speak 100 mph in Spanish
Several emotions that will drive you nuts

Alright. I am back, writing you from my dorm room, procrastinating. My goal was to get my Spanish homework done before dinner. But I felt the urge to blog. When this happens, one must respect the urge.

I am enjoying being back here. There are so many things I love here...the amazing people.....and well, that's all I can think of right now. There's more probably. My brain just isn't caring much about this point. I am glad to be back. There. Now to random.....

The other day, after getting back from class and lunch, I realized something while looking in the mirror. I had put two very different earrings on. These were two very distinct, large, dangly, sparkly earrings. Very different. I love laughing at myself.

My good friend Alyssa just got engaged......whoa......and asked me to be her maid of honor.....double whoa.

Everyone needs to stop getting married.
This is weird.
We're old.

Speaking of, a month til my 21st birthday.

Today I had another thought looking in the mirror, following a conversation with my best friend about why we don't date. I looked at my outfit....a little loud and creative.....and I thought, you mean I have been dressing weird for all the years thinking I'm cute and no one has told me how ridiculous I look!? So THIS is why I have no boys in my vida (life).

But then my friend said I was cute. So I was fine.

I am going to do Spanish homework now, aka devote my life to studying like a maniac with no life.

I will survive.

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