Saturday, August 16, 2008

Never the Same

My recent thoughts have been consumed with words like: "Gluten-free," "buckwheat," "arrowroot," and "millet," and I have found myself reading cookbooks about cooking with allergies. I am educated. I am informed. Ask me any question.

Today marks my tenth day without Gluten (wheat, flour, aka everything). I am on my way to good health and learning much on the way:

In honor of my 21st birthday in a few months, I cannot drink beer. It is made of barley, Gluten. So in doing my research, I have found Redbridge, the only Gluten-free beer. I CAN have tequila, wine, and hard liquor. Whoa.

I cannot cheat. For kicks, I sampled a corner of a strawberry Pop-Tart last night. Not even 10 minutes later, I had myself a headache, stomachache, and felt like my body was going to all apart. Darn it.

I don't lose weight. It's glued on.

Along with this elimination let's not forget the other ingredients I cannot consume:


This presents a beautiful frustration when preparing for college in a week. How, oh how in the world, am I going to survive without my mom? How am I going to be a college student while avoiding coffee, desserts, beer, and (insert junk food name here)? Somehow I will manage. I know that. And in all honesty, I know this is insane, I have been okay. Self-control has kicked in and my taste-buds have changed so much that I am adapting to this new flavor, Gluten-free.

I remember the kids in school....the special ones that got the special snacks. The kid who couldn't eat sugar. The one who had to drink soy milk, gross. And the kid who couldn't eat the cookies. I always looked at Lactose-intoleranters and thought, "I would DIE if I couldn't eat ice cream."


Lord have mercy, my life will never be the same.

This is going to be fun..... *laughs*


Sarah said...

My favorite line...
"How am I going to be a college student while"

Since you drank beer ALL THE TIME. But thank goodness for gluten-free beer.

Love you so much. See you in SIX DAYS!

Carolyn said...

Hey Liz... I found your blog from Amy's page....I understand what you are going through sort the aspect your life has been turned upside down...I just want to encourage you....The Lord is your strength...He will get you through school...I promise!!!! Lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus!
Love you girl...praying for you today!!
Carolyn....Amy's Homey!

bec said...

i love soy milk!

but uh. i also love beer. and dairy. and gluten everything. gluten is my middle name.

i am sorry you have to deal with avoiding all that stuff. i can only imagine how hard that is!!