Friday, August 1, 2008

A Rich Life

I am in a wonderful moment where things seem to be lined up. Some spiritual. Some utterly materialistic. Let me explain.

Today I dropped the most worthy $100 at Gap Outlet. My once a year, tax-free wardrobe. Another satisfied customer.

I dread first impressions. You may not think that a loud person would be self-concious in social settings as these, but I hate them. The whole time you are talking to me I am thinking about how obnoxious and overly friendly I have been. I seriously have to tone myself down in exciting, new situations, because I am afraid my presence is too overwhelming for the other party. You could imagine the worry that went into meeting my freshman roommate. Lord have mercy that's a funny one. The reason I bring this up is also to state that first impressions are 99.9% wrong in my life. And at the moment I am convicted of some judgements I have made on a particular person that was put in my path and later really blessed me. We are all learning, aren't we.

What is with being in the sun and feeling absolutely alive? The invigorating feeling of sun, sweating, and freckles. The smell of sunscreen. It makes me really happy.

Right now I have a satisfied stomach. Not hungry, not bloaded or full. Why can't I eat like this all the time?

I have the perfect music for the moment. This is right. Just right.

I have found an engaging book. I would like to read it all today just to show you how much I like it. This is monumental because I have been searching from genre to genre, trying to find one that I can pick up and actually finish.

Velvet Elvis, I am a firm believer.

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite places on Earth: Grand River Chapel at William Jewell. I was there with one of my favorite people, playing on my favorite piano. It was the happiest I had been in a very long time. I laughed a lot. From my belly. Pure joy.

I am realizing the beauty and vibrance of life, freedom, faith, and relationships. Somehow they all play together to create a unique experience I get to have on this Earth. Today I breathe deep. I take the color in. I feel the warmth of the sun. I experience the love of people. The grace of God.

I recognize the presence of a God, that has been there since the beginning.

I can finally see Him.

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last.


bec said...

i love moments like these. i don't feel like i have had one in a while, but baby, when that day had better BELIEVE i will be relishing it too.

so you must be back now? welcome!

Lucy said...

oh man liz poo....i love reading your blog. so real. so precious. so you.