Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New Card!

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Today I went to the public library here in Blue Springs for the first time in ages. My library card was too outdated to check out. I wondered if the yellow-stain look was the manifestation of age. So I got a new card. It looks really nice. They even have one I can hook onto my keychain.

My mom makes journals and cards. She's quite the craftswoman. Well it's back-t0-school time and Office Depot is having a sale on the composition books that she transforms into works of art. Instead of $1.00, they are 30 cents. So right now I am staring at a pile of *counting....* 65 composition books laying on the table. You can only buy 5 at a time. So we have been taking family trips to Office Depot, each standing in line with arms full of composition books. It's a revolution.

I have been enjoying this Redbox movie thing. I am sure you will agree. Although tonight I made a wrong choice. It's one of those things that you will admit later that you knew it would be an awful was called "Martian Child" for goodness sakes. And it was just that, a movie about a kid that thought he was from Mars. The plot kind of sounds cute until you realize he goes the whole flippin movie thinking that until literally the last 5 minutes. Whoever recommended that movie to me is on drugs. That's my movie review.

I made an observation tonight. I enjoy strawberry licorice. The normal kind. I also enjoy the cherry bite size kind. But I DO NOT enjoy the cherry in the long version. It's gross. So how can I like the same food in a different shape/size? It's rocket science.

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