Friday, October 23, 2009

Feel like a coffee house inside

Currently listening to: Rob Pattinson
Current musical discovery: The Postal Service (don't say I told you so)
Current mood: musical and my insides feel warm

I have hesitated to blog lately. It could be the idea that I want to spare my vulnerability. It almost feels affair-like when I engross myself so much into these things. This doesn't reflect the time I spend on my posts (15 minute max) but rather the deep emotion I tend to spend connecting with this expression. Donald Miller talks about this in his new book. Writers can spend so much time creating worlds and stories on paper that they lose the ability to live it. This is not the case with me. But at this point in time I want to be sharing these stories in person, face-to-face, coexisting with you and allowing real experiences to busy my life rather than investing face time with my laptop. Ah...balance. It is all about balance, isn't it.

I have also passed up many blogging moods because every post could be titled the same thing: "Liz is sentimental and reflective about her changing life because she is graduating in 0.2 seconds and wants to tell you about it." How annoying. It's in one of my conversations atleast every day. I know one can't ignore these kind of changes and the ways it oozes in and out of your daily happenings, but come on, it's like a girl that refers to her boyfriend in every story. I know that is annoying.

I am beginning to look forward to post-graduation with gladness, hopefulness. When things start to fall into place at this point I get giddy. The word I use right now for the way I feel is thrilled. I am very very excited. More to come.

The question of the day was how often do you cry. When asked this, someone said once a month, another said a few times a year.....and me?

I said 3 times a week. I mean really.

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I love reading your thoughts.