Saturday, February 28, 2009

On a snowy afternoon...

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Major inspiration calls for back-to-back blogs. Honestly, it's because someone mentioned that she loves reading my blog and it secretly made me convicted that I had put the pen down so-to-speak and lacked frequent postings. Because of previous instances, fears of random people and strangers reading my blog hesitates me to write at times. But today, you found me in the right spot.

I like how snow has authority to divert all plans at any given time. If snow comes, then plans are automatically shifted to a 50% attendance record. You have the right to choose a) it's too slick and dangerous for my little, light car to travel in these conditions, or b) I will toil and work to get the several feet of snow off my car to come and make it to my prior commitment which shows that I am majorly faithful and deserve a pat on the back. Today, I have given the snow control. This morning I attended an important commitment, but this afternoon, all of my plans have been thankfully lifted off my shoulders and it's an automatic "lazy Saturday afternoon," praise God. And it caught me at just the right time where I needed rest, not really recognizing that til now. So I am cozy in a blanket in my green chair in the corner of my room, staring out at the inches of snow covering Liberty right now. And for the first time this year, I don't mind it. I think it's because it's a pretty significant amount. Snow either needs to not be here at all, or make a dramatic appearance.

So I need to verbalize via Blog my recent frustration with the male species. Men, don't be awkward about this, maybe it will give you insight on atleast one female perspective. This is what happens....this is what Liz encounters with males: I meet a "nice guy" somewhere, somehow, and have an immediate connection. This connection leads to a great conversation wherever we are. During that interaction, of course, I am analyzing our chemistry and whether he's a strong candidate (embarassing to admit these things). I leave totally speechless. He of course didn't ask for a phone number or initiate any other contact, but I secretly hope that he will desparately seek out my information from a source and find me because he just feels so in love with me......ok back to reality. This of course never happens. And I get stuck telling my good friends about these "one-night stands" (in a non-sexual way) that never worked out and whom I never see again. But at the time, I am positive that I could marry the guy. So is the story of a rather passionate and impatient girl I guess. After several let-downs, I have trained my heart to stay guarded and my conclusions, not jumped. It's just that I find myself with two rather extreme interactions with men: solely romantic and the "just friends" label. I have not found the medium.

Boys note: girls hate it when you only talk about yourself. Ask questions and seem interested in her.

Today is a great day. Know why? Because it's one of the few days that music is hitting my mood today perfectly. This is a rare occasion.

Ok, well enjoy the snow. Go jump in it or something. I am going to go bond with some special people.


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Amy said...

seriously...we are twins...separated by 10 thoughts on guys are the same!

miss ya!