Friday, February 27, 2009

Ponderings in the office

Currently listening to: Joshua Radin
Currently smelling like: cafeteria
Currently surrounded by: 2 wonderful people, aka Anna and Megan

I am lounging in the office of Ely, sporting my sweatpants and choosing a cozy Friday evening in the dorm. Wait....being on RA duty isn't actually choosing...but I am choosing a great attitude about it. It is nice to unwind from a crazy week. No more thinking or staring at homework, please.

My thoughts lately:

Do you ever find yourself insecure of some of your most valuable and unique traits?

I really like melty ice cream.

Just like high school, being a "senior" in college is rather emotional and bittersweet....*fill in cheesy one-liners here, following with "I don't know what to do with my life" statements*

I have found myself much more comfortable and thriving in leadership/organizing roles lately.

My heart melts for Mexican immigrants.

Monday you will find me watching the season finale of the Bachelor.

So long. Farewell.

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