Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another reflection.

Currently listening to: Iron & Wine
Currently drinking: Coffee
Currently looking forward to: Spring Break, aka Florida

Good afternoon. It's a cloudy March afternoon. I am sitting in the Union with some friends, ear phones plugged into my ears, Iron & Wine singing, coffee settling in my stomach. It's a peaceful afternoon for me. Just content. Just here. You know? Life is going to happen. My 7 page paper that I am supposed to be working on right now will get written....*moment of panic that I need to start working on it.* My future will pan out, regardless of my stress level.

All I have for you right now is a train of a few thoughts.

I went home this weekend for the first time in the semester. Just for a little while. And it was rather therapeutic. I like my parents and spending time with them keeps me grounded. They are wise and respectable human beings and I get to call them my mom and dad. A lucky girl I am. I like my mom's obsession with hot cinnamon rolls and how I think of her every time I eat fruit cobbler and ice cream. I like listening to my dad's funeral stories at dinner. I like hearing about the people he embalmed years ago. And heck, he showed me the pair of glass eyeballs he kept from a dead man years back. I held them. It was gross. But I will accept my bragging about it.

I love how my parents parent. They give their opinion but don't force anything. They support me....man that sounds cliche. But it's true, so it's not cliche in this case, right? I just hope I can be half of a parent to my children as they have been to me.

Wow, I guess that's all I have right now. I think I got distracted and it interrupted my flow. My internet just went off and my heart panicked with the fear of losing these sentimental words. So now I am on edge, calming down from the distress. But praise God blogger.com saves. I am also aware of the paper I need to be writing. So enjoy this blog.

Come again.

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