Saturday, December 22, 2007

It begins.

Hit the background music. Get comfortable. It's time to blog.

What does one say on a first blog? And what kind of word is blog anyway? It sounds like a bad word. Kind of like cod. Why would you want to eat cod? The name should make you nauseous.

There is an overwhelming sense of belonging as I enter into yet another community. Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, they have done me well. But it's time for the "The Blog." The real thing. At the same time, loneliness leaves me waiting for some sort of "WELCOME TO YOUR NEW ADDICTION" banner to pop up or confetti to explode out of the monitor. Although I am sure that when I am done here, I will find an E-mail labeled "Blog support" in my inbox, welcoming me into the fam.

I wonder if anyone will ever know I am on here? Or read this nonetheless, but I am anxious to see how I unfold. Yes, how I unfold. The question of self-disclosure bewilders my mind: "How much do I expose myself on here?" Will I be a daily blogger, baring my soul through the keys? Will I give you a weekly update of what has happened in my life? Or will I simply put my thoughts out there in cyberspace, with the millions of other bloggers who are somehow searching for words as well?

I will leave this question unanswered for the time being. Right now, this is my nook; where my traveling thoughts and ponderings will find their way onto paper, God willing. And I, being determined as I am, am going to search for words, words that can deliver atleast a glimpse of what I mean to express. This is a challenge, you see. It has become my life's adventure to figure out how to wrap my mind around my thoughts, reflections, questions and make them tangible.

So I will call myself La Buscadora, the seeker, on the search for words.

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Sarah said...

you stole my layout. change it.

just kidding. welcome LEEZ.