Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas day and stocking redemption

Today is the day. 2 months of "Jingle Bells" and "Christmas Shoes" on every radio station has brought us to this day. We have become so anxious for the holiday that we begin overlapping Halloween with it. We begin Christmas music on the night millions of children go trick-or-treating. Americans can't miss a beat.

Christmas. It's the day you accomplish the day's goals in less than an hour. You eat some sort of big meal and open gifts. The rest of the day consists of eating, napping, T.V. watching, and eating more. The food seems to stay out on the counter all day. You take so many naps, but still remain tired enough to fall asleep at any commercial. You keep on eating, with no hint of satisfaction. Too many sweets. To be honest, Christmas is really boring. There's like this unerlining rule that you can't do anything or go anywhere on Christmas day. You sit around your family with the occasion fiddling with the gifts you got that year. There are so many movies on T.V. that you can watch 24 hours of the Christmas Story. Or end up switching channels so much you realize however many years it's been on T.V., you haven't even seen it all the way through.

What's with movies like that? My dad is infatuated with the Godfather. He's italian so he finds pride in it. Every time he sits to watch it on T.V. he has to rediscover the characters and plot because he has never sat and watched the movies all the way through.

I do have a confession. My previous blog complained about stockings and my mother's decision to abolish them except for the grandchildren. Well. I woke up this morning with a filled stocking, along with my other 20-30 year-old siblings. I guess my comment of "Don't I get a Christmas, too" really got to her. So I enjoyed pulling out deoderant, toothpaste, and lufas out of my stocking this morning.

Minty fresh.

Now if you don't mind, I am going to go play Scrabble, watch some part of a movie, and eat until I explode.

Merry Christmas.

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