Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend travels

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I am staring at a list of blog-worthy topics I made while sitting on an airplane to Phoenix recently. Get ready blog-reader, things are going to get exciting in the near future. I am not cool enough to plan any of this out, and I just made it awkward by making you anticipate greatness when really it's my brain throw up that scrambles such words together. I would just like you to know that my thoughts are compartmentalizing blog-worthy mentionings on a daily basis. So while on an airplane, eating pretzels and popping my ears, I thought I would transcribe my ideas. These will be out for you shortly.

In the meantime I would like to give a shout-out to some of those I saw on my weekend travels:

-The guy stuffing jalepenos chips into his mouth while waiting to board his flight....am I the only one that sees a potential problem for the person sitting next to him on the plane?
-The airport cart drivers that shuttle people to their terminal shouting "Move out of the way" as they speedrace through the crowd of people. Don't jump out in front of one of those. You might die actually.
- The people that run frantically to their terminal, afraid they have missed their flight. I just think it's funny.
- And what about the crazy businessmen dressed in suits that hold every version of technology within their paintsuit and can't sit one minute without pulling out their iPhone or Kindle (what's up with those btw) He holds merchandise worth more money than my car. That's an understatement.

I mean there are so many different people to watch at the airport. It makes me believe that God created airports so I could watch them all.

Through the recent packing and unpacking of moving buildings, I have been reminded of the excess amount of stuff Westerners own. This idea was also mentioned in a book I just read by K.P. Yohannon. There are people that have ridiculously more things than they need...just like me. Should I have the problem of not having enough room for all my clothes when people struggle to even keep the same piece of clothing on their back? I think not. There are a lot of unecessary things we, I mean I, surround myself with; all they do is distract me from the truth that I found in simplicity.

Lord, help me live out this yearning for simple things.

....train of thought to be continued.

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meg said...

agreed about the airports. This is why I love flying solo---I have more time to appreciate it all :)