Saturday, April 26, 2008

Like a Machine

I am a machine.

Let me explain....

I have been franticly writing application, typing papers, studying subjects that I have devoted four years of my life to. I haven't stopped. I sit here, eyes glued to the laptop, earphones in, iTunes pumpin, and only move to charge the battery on my laptop because it's been 4 hours.

This is my break: blogging, graham crackers, and Daphne Loves Derby. Yes! Saturday night!

Yesterday I decided to spend my summer in Westcliffe, Colorado, on top of a mountain. I will be a "programmer." Important sounding. Well I am excited. It was a spontaneous but peace-felt decision. Ok I leave for Honduras 2 days after schools over. 3 days after that, I leave for Colorado. I will get back and come back to school a week later. Rock on. I'm livin' it.

If you care, now I am eating chocolate chips and enjoying the music of Kelly Clarkson.

And I am tired. I might be going crazy. This is what college does to you.

My hand just got stuck in the bag of chocolate chips.

1 comment:

bec said...

chocolate chips and kelly clarkson?

the ultimate girl time!!

ps: i'm not jealous that you're going to colorado. not one bit.