Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the floor

Straight up. There's a lot we don't understand.

the death of unborn babies

I find myself confused, frustrated, moved by the hurt I see. I cry and weep for the unfair circumstances. I feel determined yet helpless at the great need that lies around me. And for so long, for such a time, I was blind to it. I didn't care. I hid my eyes from the despair. And for those who still find themselves gazing into only the reflection of their ignorance and selfishness, my heart....hurts.

Open our eyes.

And when I am alone, filling the floor with my tears, hearing my heart moved with compassion and mercy, I realize that it's His love that is working in me. This need I see....this pain I feel....this love I feel for's His love that is manifesting in me. Maybe I understand His love. Maybe, after time and time again, living in my selfishness, I have stopped and finally....received His love. Here I am. I get it.


In it....I find peace. And in it I overflow.

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